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KGR Green Series Texturizers

KGR Green Series Texturizers

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KGR texturizers are shaped by an erosion technique whereby each tooth meets the cutting edge at the same angle; Gaps between the teeth are tapered toward the blade which prevents a tangle of the hair when pulling out.

With no pulling or snagging, both the stylist and the client have a much more pleasant experience.

The gaps between the teeth are tapered towards the inside of the teeth blade, which prevents a tangle of hair when pulling out. Forged from high carbon VG-10W Japanese steel. The convex blades are mirror polished.

Length: 5.5”

Handle: Straight


Kasho's unique Ultimate Edge is made possible by its proprietary state-of-the-art manufacturing process, which enables absolute accuracy in shaping the proper curvature of both the inner and concave blade surface and the exterior convex surface. Match-paired blades are meticulously hand-honed, polished to flawless luster, and assembled by expert artisan-technicians.

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Shear Handle Design

Care Instructions

Keep your scissors clean and hair free. Wipe blades after every use, using a Kasho leather cloth. Clean blades retain their edge and shine for longer. Lubricate the pivot daily, with a Kasho oil pen. It helps to keep the cutting action smooth. Use a case or holder will keep them safe from dirt and damage when storing or transporting.
Check the scissor tension on a daily basis, and avoid contact with sterilization liquid, perm or colour solution as they can corrode your scissors. Kasho Scissor are an investment and must be loved.

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