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Captain Razor Folding R Type

Captain Razor Folding R Type

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The Captain Razor is a professional precision instrument suitable for shaving, hairdressing and hair tattoos.
Available in straight and fold-away designs.

The Captain Folding Razor is a professional precision instrument suitable for both shaving and hairdressing. The blade was originally designed for surgical application and features extraordinary sharpness and cutting edge durability.

Thanks to the special dispenser system the blades can be safely inserted in the razor holder.

Don’t forget to purchase your blades, with or without guards, when you place your order.


Kasho's unique Ultimate Edge is made possible by its proprietary state-of-the-art manufacturing process, which enables absolute accuracy in shaping the proper curvature of both the inner and concave blade surface and the exterior convex surface. Match-paired blades are meticulously hand-honed, polished to flawless luster, and assembled by expert artisan-technicians.

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Shear Handle Design

Care Instructions

Keep your scissors clean and hair free. Wipe blades after every use, using a Kasho leather cloth. Clean blades retain their edge and shine for longer. Lubricate the pivot daily, with a Kasho oil pen. It helps to keep the cutting action smooth. Use a case or holder will keep them safe from dirt and damage when storing or transporting.
Check the scissor tension on a daily basis, and avoid contact with sterilization liquid, perm or colour solution as they can corrode your scissors. Kasho Scissor are an investment and must be loved.

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